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Be Blessed Painted Sign

Learn how you can paint this “Be Blessed” sign and proudly display it in your home. Materials Here’s what you will need in order to make the Be Blessed sign: Wooden Board – mine was 14″ by 11″ Acrylic Paint – White, Black, and Gold I used Deco Art Americana Snow White, Antique Gold, and Lamp Black. Paint […]

Coffee String Art

We all know you have too many K-Cups and a giant coffee brewer in your kitchen. Give your coffee nook some life by adding a one-of-a-kind piece of art. This Swirling Coffee String Art! Learn how artist Lawrence Ross strung up this cup of joe. Maybe you’ll learn some inspiring pointers! Supplies The Swirling Coffee […]

Craft This Maple Tree Paper Cut Art

Learn step by step how you can create this one-of-a-kind Maple Tree Paper Cut Art! Materials Shadow Box I used a 14″ by 11″ white shadow box. Cardstock Paper – Brown and Green I used the Smooth Solid Cardstock Paper by Recollections at Michael’s. The colors used in this project are Vanilla Brown and Bright […]

Create “Farm Fresh Eggs” Painted Sign

Learn how you can paint this “Farm Fresh Eggs” sign. It fits perfectly into any farmer’s kitchen! Materials Here’s what you will need in order to make the Farm Fresh Eggs sign: Wooden Board – mine was 14″ by 11″ Acrylic Paint – Gray and Beige. I used Deco Art Americana Zinc and Light Mocha. Paint Brush […]

Easy Trick to Stop Paint Bleed

Ever paint an awesome sign, only to lift the vinyl stencil up and see the dreaded paint bleed? No worries! I’m here to save your signs. Paint Your Base Starting with a blank canvas or wooden board, paint the base. When your base is painted, KEEP THE PAINT color you just used. Don’t throw the […]

Finding Inspiration During Uninspiring Times

By now, you are no doubt tired of hearing the word “pandemic.” And yet, it’s something we must all deal with. With that, comes more isolation, less socializing and a lot more time on our hands. So what we do we do? For many, even the most creative spirit, we find the well to our […]

Florida State Seminoles Stained Glass Mosaic

I created this awesome Florida State Seminoles stained glass mosaic for my family. Read along as I teach you how you can also make this incredible piece of art. Materials Here’s what you will need in order to make the Florida State Seminoles Stained Glass Mosaic: Wooden Board – mine was 12″ by 12″ Stained […]

How To Craft This Autumn Tree Paper Cut Out Art

Learn step by step how you can create this beautiful Autumn Tree Paper Cut Out! Materials Here’s what you will need in order to make the Autumn Tree Paper Cut Out: Shadow Box I used a 12″ by 12″ black shadow box. Cardstock Paper – Brown, Orange, Yellow, Burgundy I used the Smooth Solid Cardstock […]

How to create lady bug string art

String art is a trendy new arts and crafts project that can capture the creative imaginations of all ages. Today I will be sharing with you how you can make this fun lady bug string art.  So come join me as we unwind from it all and wrap ourselves in string art! Supplies you will […]

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Meet Lawrence Ross

String Art

Hi everyone! I’m Lawrence Ross and I am Let’s Craft’s resident string artist. I run a small string art kit business called String of the Art, where I have sold thousands of string art kits all over the world.

Following law school graduation, my dyslexia got in the way of passing the Florida Bar Exam. After five attempts and fails, I knew this hurdle could not hinder my success. Through the adversity, my passion for the arts helped keep me going. It led me to closing the law books and bringing my dream of String of the Art to life! Now, several years later, I have taught thousands of new string artists all over the world how to master the craft through my kits.

String art has led me to wonderful opportunities. I created an exclusive string art kit for Starbucks, which is currently being sold in their three Starbuck Roastery Reserves. I am also a string artist for Primitive By Kathy (“PBK”). Many of my PBK designs have been sold in department stores like Nordstrom’s and Dillard’s. I have pieces hanging in hotels and I have won awards for my string art.

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Meet Deena Goldstein


I’ve been creating art since I was a child. My work has ranged from children’s book illustration, cartooning, graphite photo-realism renderings, to a line of children’s clothing and accessories called “Sunshine Kids.” I work predominantly in the digital medium, creating pieces that incorporate a variety of elements such as airbrush, acrylic, ink, oil, etc. The digital images provide an opportunity for reprint on canvas or print in a variety of sizes – I love the flexibility of the medium. I also enjoy working with acrylic, vintage/salvage. Creating brings me great joy and peace. Connecting and sharing my work with others is incredibly fulfilling. My work has been featured in a variety of local publications such as So Scottsdale, Scottsdale Independent News, Art in Phoenix, The Jewish News and Jewish Life Magazine.

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Meet Jordan Lande

Stained Glass Mosaics

Hello everyone! My name is Jordan and I have been working with glass since graduating college. I am a lawyer by day and a glass artist by night. My love for stained glass mosaics started several years ago on a vacation. I walked into an art gallery and was blown away by a stained glass mosaic that was for sale. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford it, so I instead attempted to replicate it. As you might know, your first attempt is not always going to be your best. My version didn't look like the gallery piece, but I loved the crafting process and quickly became a glass hobbyist.

Working in law is very time consuming. One day, I would like to be able to sell my pieces and have more of an online presents to show off my work. However, for the past few years I have only had the time to make the mosaics for friends, family, and myself.

As you can see from my profile picture, some of my favorite mosaics to make are sports related. What fan wouldn't love an art piece with their favorite team's logo. I live in Pittsburgh, so naturally my favorite piece is the Steelers Stained Glass Mosaic.

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Meet Rachel Elizabeth

Paper Cut Art

Hi, I’m Rachel! I’m a new mom and loving every minute of it. I live in Florida with my family and two adorable cats. Before my daughter was born, I was trying to imagine what her room would look like. I spent many hours on Pinterest searching for inspiration.

Since I was a little girl, I have always liked butterflies and hearts. I knew I wanted that to be a theme for my little girl’s room. While searching Pinterest, I saw paper cut art. I was intrigued by how simple yet pretty it was. The paper appeared 3-D, it was colorful, and it was beautiful in a shadow box frame. This was my “lightbulb” moment! The next day I purchased the necessary crafting supplies to make this myself. After crafting the art, I hung a few in my daughter’s nursey and they looked incredible. Friends and family who saw my art asked me to make it for them. The art is so much fun to make, I can’t stop making them. Since they do take some time to make, I have turned this into a somewhat small hobby business.

My dream of decorating my daughter’s nursey has now turned into something that I could have never imagined. My goal is to turn this word of mouth small hobby business into something bigger. Stay tuned!

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Meet Mardi Anne

Painted Signs

Hey crafters! My name is Mardi and I am Let's Craft's painted signs artist. I've been a crafter all my life, creating many different types of art. Starting when I was a child, any arts and crafts kit I got my hands on, I had to create. Over the years, I've worked on needlepoint, cross stitching, knitting, ceramic pottery, stained glass mosaics, beading, and painting. Working with all these different types of crafts has allowed me to be very creative. Painting is a newer craft hobby I discovered and I absolutely love it. My electronic cutting machine allows me to paint custom signs for my house and for my friends. The creativity and possibilities are endless. Read my blog posts on all the painted sign creations, here on Let's Craft.

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