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Miami Heat Stained Glass Mosaic

The Miami Heat are a champion caliber franchise having had hardcourt legends such as Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, Shaquille O’Neal, and Alonzo Mourning, all wore the uniform. I decided to make a stained glass mosaic of the team’s logo, since it is one of my favorite logos. Read along as I teach you how you […]

Florida State Seminoles Stained Glass Mosaic

I created this awesome Florida State Seminoles stained glass mosaic for my family. Read along as I teach you how you can also make this incredible piece of art. Materials Here’s what you will need in order to make the Florida State Seminoles Stained Glass Mosaic: Wooden Board – mine was 12″ by 12″ Stained […]

How to Grout Your Stained Glass Mosaic

Grouting your stained glass mosaic is easy and quick. So, let’s get started! Materials Sanded Grout I recommend sanded grout from Home Depot. Bucket Sponge Rubber Gloves Paint Mixing Stick N-95 Mask or something similar Old T-Shirt, Rag, or Paper Towel Running Water Preparation We highly recommend always grouting your stained glass mosaics outside! It […]

How To Cut Stained Glass

In this blog post I’ll be teaching you how to cut a specific shaped from stained glass. When complete, you will be able to cut, shape, and fit any piece of stained glass into the desired space of your stained glass mosaic project. Materials The supplies you will need are: Stained Glass Breaking Pliers and […]

Pittsburgh Steelers Stained Glass Mosaic

Being the big Pittsburgh Steelers fan that I am, it will be only right for me to make a stained glass mosaic of my favorite team. Read along as I teach you how you can also make this incredible piece of art. Materials Here’s what you will need in order to make the Steelers Stained […]

Starbucks and String of the Art

I’m are happy to announce that I, Lawrence Ross, is working with and selling a custom designed string art kit with Starbucks!  The design and kit was made in collaboration with Starbuck Reserve Roastery. They are sold exclusively in their New York City, Chicago, and Seattle Reserve Roastery locations. The string art design features a coffee […]

Sun and Moon String Art

Live by the sun. Love by the moon. Learn how artist Lawrence Ross strung up this one of the kind Sun & Moon String Art Kit. Let’s get crafting! String Art Supplies The Sun & Moon String Art Kit includes all the crafting supplies you’ll need to complete the project. String, nails, prepared stained wooden […]

Coffee String Art

We all know you have too many K-Cups and a giant coffee brewer in your kitchen. Give your coffee nook some life by adding a one-of-a-kind piece of art. This Swirling Coffee String Art! Learn how artist Lawrence Ross strung up this cup of joe. Maybe you’ll learn some inspiring pointers! Supplies The Swirling Coffee […]

Finding Inspiration During Uninspiring Times

By now, you are no doubt tired of hearing the word “pandemic.” And yet, it’s something we must all deal with. With that, comes more isolation, less socializing and a lot more time on our hands. So what we do we do? For many, even the most creative spirit, we find the well to our […]

Watch This Wine String Art Spiral into Life

The Wine String Art is a fan favorite for all String of the Art’s string artists. The combination of old school string art geometric angles with new school design makes it a perfect project for a wine lover. Watch me string this piece up in under 60 seconds on YouTube. Supplies All of String of […]

How to Make the Sunflower String Art Kit

The Sunflower String Art is one of String of the Art’s most popular kits. Thousands have been shipped all over the world. Never before have I, Lawrence Ross, the artist and creator of the Sunflower String Art Kit, will explain how to make this bright and beautiful piece. So let’s get crafting! Supplies All of […]

How to create lady bug string art

String art is a trendy new arts and crafts project that can capture the creative imaginations of all ages. Today I will be sharing with you how you can make this fun lady bug string art.  So come join me as we unwind from it all and wrap ourselves in string art! Supplies you will […]

Don’t break my heart

I have spent many hours planning large mosaic masterpieces.  I love the creative process of designing the initial idea, layouts and color choices, then cutting glass, breaking glass and finally placing the pieces strategically or randomly depending on the theme and then grouting to complete the perfect mosaic art project.  But sometimes I just need […]