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Coffee String Art

We all know you have too many K-Cups and a giant coffee brewer in your kitchen. Give your coffee nook some life by adding a one-of-a-kind piece of art. This Swirling Coffee String Art!

Learn how artist Lawrence Ross strung up this cup of joe. Maybe you’ll learn some inspiring pointers!


The Swirling Coffee String Art Kit includes all the crafting supplies you’ll need to complete the project. String, nails, prepared stained wooden board, instructions, pattern template, and the hanging hook.

However, if you want to create it without the kit then you will need to pick up three different shades of brown string, white string, and beige string. Paint or stain your pine wooden board black. Nails can be picked up your local hardware store. Sketch out your coffee cup pattern and you’ll be ready!

Hammer Time

Lay our custom fitted pattern template over the wooden board provided with the Swirling Coffee String Art Kit.

Grab a wire nail, place the nail over one of the many dots scattered on the pattern template, and hammer that nail in halfway down.

Go around and hammer a nail over every dot located on the pattern template.

When all the dots have a nail hammered on them, rip the pattern template off the board. All that should be left is the wood, nails, and your new ferocious hammering skills. After this project, maybe I’ll hire you to hammer in all the shingles on my roof!

Thirsty For Some Stringing

Let’s start the best part of this project! Stringing!

As you can see above, the Swirling Coffee String Art Kit includes a template that identifies each nail. That’s because the instructions tell the string artist exactly which nail to wrap the string around.

But if you are free-handing this project that’s cool too. Keep your circles even, be artistic, and have fun. Made a mistake? No worries! Just go back a few wraps and begin again. Keep in mind, I had to free-hand the original design. So you’re in the same boat as I was.

The bottom layer gets the lightest shade of brown string, the middle layer gets the in-between shade of brown string, and the top layer gets the darkest shade of brown string.

Your morning coffee has steam rolling out of it, right? Well so does this coffee string art! So using white string create a similar pattern on the three steams.

Lastly, string up your coffee up. We use beige string and send the string in random, wild directions. There no right or wrong way to complete the Free-Form Pattern. Just wrap the string everywhere you want, as long as it is inside the coffee cup nails.


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