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Finding Inspiration During Uninspiring Times

By now, you are no doubt tired of hearing the word “pandemic.” And yet, it’s something we must all deal with. With that, comes more isolation, less socializing and a lot more time on our hands. So what we do we do? For many, even the most creative spirit, we find the well to our creative springs dried up. That’s OK….during these times, I find it’s easier to “follow a recipe” if you will, rather than concoct your own project.

In that vain, I’ve found a fun, easy and super inexpensive (almost free) crafty adventure for you to try at home. For most of us, access to materials and going to the store to get art supplies can be challenging. So, this project, is perfect, because you can literally use whatever you have in your house (except please don’t bedazzle your dog!).

Introducing, “Wood Block Art”

Note: You really don’t need wood, but I’m going to share with you to start, how to do this project with wood and you will quickly see how it can be applied to anything!


1. 4×6 Thin wood block (Home Depot or your local hardware store has free samples up and down their flooring aisle – fun, right?!)

2. Acrylic paint color of your choice

3. Paint Brush

4. Modge Podge

5. Foam Brush for Modge Podge application

6. Fun picture, photo, image (can be torn from book, magazine or even printed from computer)

With a paper plate, squeeze out whatever fun, acrylic paint color you like. You can even mix for a swirl or tie dye affect.

Using, the paintbrush, apply your acrylic color to the entire block – front and back. I typically paint the front first, let it dry, then the back. (NOTE: if you acquired your free wood sample from Home Depot or another store, you may find their store label on the back, this can be peeled off or painted over – you decide).

Now, your block is drying and awaiting an image.
You will be Modge Podge “collage” affixing your image to the center of the painted block.

To find an image, it’s always fun to go vintage or retro. A cool “happy camper”, tea set, or something fun and straight up like a cute dog photo with caption. Whatever inspires is what you should use!!

Trim your image so it will fit in the center of the block.

Using your sponge applicator, apply a thin coat of Modge Podge to the front of the painted block. Then, place the image onto the wood – it will lightly stick. Take additional Modge Podge and run foam applicator back and forth till smooth. Note, sometimes the product looks milky, but don’t fret, it dries clear – how fun is that?! I used one of my PoP Art Pets images, because that inspires me! And, I love a cute snout!

Once it dries – YOU’RE DONE! Ok, so what do you do with said craft. Well, they make wonderful stocking stuffers, “I was just thinking of you” gifts, or it’s a great way to decorate. You can add a hook to the back and hang several in a row, or even place on a mini easel. The craft is great for all ages, easy and you can make lots of them!

Almost no cost and tons of options. You can collage an image on cardboard, an old tile sample (they have those free at most hardware stores as well) … the sky is the limit. Have fun and collage away your pandemic blues!

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