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Mardi Anne

Painted Signs

Hey crafters! My name is Mardi and I am Let's Craft's painted signs artist. I've been a crafter all my life, creating many different types of art. Starting when I was a child, any arts and crafts kit I got my hands on, I had to create. Over the years, I've worked on needlepoint, cross stitching, knitting, ceramic pottery, stained glass mosaics, beading, and painting. Working with all these different types of crafts has allowed me to be very creative. Painting is a newer craft hobby I discovered and I absolutely love it. My electronic cutting machine allows me to paint custom signs for my house and for my friends. The creativity and possibilities are endless. Read my blog posts on all the painted sign creations, here on Let's Craft.

Get to know Mardi Anne

  • Where are you from?

    White Plains, NY

  • When did you start crafting?

    As a young child I have always been crafty.

  • What types of crafts do you create?

    I've worked with needlepoint, cross stitch, knitting, ceramic pottery, stained glass mosaics, beading, painting, and many other crafts.

  • What inspires your creativity?

    Going to art shows and seeing the wide arrange of art. Every time I leave a show I'm always inspired to pick up a new crafting hobby.

  • Where do you shop for your crafting supplies?

    Specialty shops like if I'm working on a knitting project I'll make sure to buy all my supplies from the local yarn shop. Same for beading projects, I'll go to my local beading shop. Online is also a great place to shop, including Etsy.