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Deena Goldstein


I’ve been creating art since I was a child. My work has ranged from children’s book illustration, cartooning, graphite photo-realism renderings, to a line of children’s clothing and accessories called “Sunshine Kids.” I work predominantly in the digital medium, creating pieces that incorporate a variety of elements such as airbrush, acrylic, ink, oil, etc. The digital images provide an opportunity for reprint on canvas or print in a variety of sizes – I love the flexibility of the medium. I also enjoy working with acrylic, vintage/salvage. Creating brings me great joy and peace. Connecting and sharing my work with others is incredibly fulfilling. My work has been featured in a variety of local publications such as So Scottsdale, Scottsdale Independent News, Art in Phoenix, The Jewish News and Jewish Life Magazine.

Get to know Deena Goldstein

  • Where are you from?

    Dayton, Ohio

  • When did you start crafting?

    I’ve been creating multimedia art for over 25 years – starting in high school with pen & ink work, to imaginary cartoon characters, children’s book illustration and eventually went on to paint as well as indulge in digital art and collage based, multimedia projects utilizing repurposed objects. Love to dabble in impromptu crafting – recently, made a “map” bowl, using form and old Atlas maps! So fun! I also have a business called Pop Art Pets – Custom Pet Art. Clients provide me with photos of pets, people or even a hedgehog (yup, had one of those for subject matter) and I provided 4 different pop art images for them to select from, the final selection ends up on canvas. Different size canvas varieties, super fun colors, great gifts and/or memorials.

  • Do you sell your crafts?

    Yes! I have an online web gallery (deenasart.com). In addition to my acrylics, digital and multimedia works on canvas and wood, I also sell custom Pop Art Pets canvases as well. During Covid, all my sales are online – prior to that, I exhibited across the valley, did presentations and a variety of shows for both my fine art and Pop Art Pets.

  • Where do you shop for your crafting supplies?

    Typically, an art supply store is a great place for most any tool for the work I do. I also love to surf the net for antiques, findings, reclaimed wood and retro images to collage, paint and work with. Paints, brushes, canvas, etc., due to Covid are all online ordering – which is ok, because who doesn’t love getting a package!!

  • Tell us about your favorite crafted project!

    That’s kinda hard….every time I sit down to create, it’s an individual, isolated experience, each time as exciting as the time before. I’m inspired by life and the incredible journey we are all on. So much to take in and filter into the craft of art. So, for me, painting a feeling, interesting experience, nature, or whatever inspires me is always just the best!

  • Where have you been featured?

    Me/my work both fine art and Pop Art Pets have been featured in a variety of local publications from SoScottsdale magazine, AirPark News, Phoenix Jewish News, Phoenix Art, and many local newspapers. I’ve also been featured online and been awarded honorable mentions for some of my pieces.