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Rachel Elizabeth

Paper Cut Art

Hi, I’m Rachel! I’m a new mom and loving every minute of it. I live in Florida with my family and two adorable cats. Before my daughter was born, I was trying to imagine what her room would look like. I spent many hours on Pinterest searching for inspiration.

Since I was a little girl, I have always liked butterflies and hearts. I knew I wanted that to be a theme for my little girl’s room. While searching Pinterest, I saw paper cut art. I was intrigued by how simple yet pretty it was. The paper appeared 3-D, it was colorful, and it was beautiful in a shadow box frame. This was my “lightbulb” moment! The next day I purchased the necessary crafting supplies to make this myself. After crafting the art, I hung a few in my daughter’s nursey and they looked incredible. Friends and family who saw my art asked me to make it for them. The art is so much fun to make, I can’t stop making them. Since they do take some time to make, I have turned this into a somewhat small hobby business.

My dream of decorating my daughter’s nursey has now turned into something that I could have never imagined. My goal is to turn this word of mouth small hobby business into something bigger. Stay tuned!

Get to know Rachel Elizabeth

  • Where are you from?

    South Florida

  • When did you start crafting?

    I began crafting as a little girl. Arts and crafts was my favorite activity. That carried over into my adult life too.

  • What types of crafts do you create?

    I'm an adventurist and love working on a brand new craft. In the past I've painted, made pottery, woven tapestries, beaded bracelets and jewelry, and all types of other smaller projects. Currently, I'm focused on the paper cut art.

  • What inspires your creativity?

    Pinterest inspires me. The posts are so creative, I want to make everything! Haha!

  • Do you sell your crafts?

    Yes, but it is all word-of-mouth. I plan on opening up an Etsy shop soon so I can grown my small hobby business.

  • Where do you shop for your crafting supplies?

    Michaels and Jo-Ann's are my two favorite stores to buy crafting supplies. I also enjoy going to small mom and pop shops that specialize in a specific craft like knitting stores and beading stores.

  • Tell us about your favorite crafted project!

    My favorite arts and craft project has to be a watercolor painting I made in high school. The art teacher taught my class beautiful watercolor techniques. I used those techniques to make a watercolor piece that ended up hanging in the City Hall building for over 18 months!

  • Has any of your work received an award?

    Throughout elementary, middle, and high school I received small awards and recognition for the art I made.