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Lawrence Ross

String Art

Hi everyone! I’m Lawrence Ross and I am Let’s Craft’s resident string artist. I run a small string art kit business called String of the Art, where I have sold thousands of string art kits all over the world.

Following law school graduation, my dyslexia got in the way of passing the Florida Bar Exam. After five attempts and fails, I knew this hurdle could not hinder my success. Through the adversity, my passion for the arts helped keep me going. It led me to closing the law books and bringing my dream of String of the Art to life! Now, several years later, I have taught thousands of new string artists all over the world how to master the craft through my kits.

String art has led me to wonderful opportunities. I created an exclusive string art kit for Starbucks, which is currently being sold in their three Starbuck Roastery Reserves. I am also a string artist for Primitive By Kathy (“PBK”). Many of my PBK designs have been sold in department stores like Nordstrom’s and Dillard’s. I have pieces hanging in hotels and I have won awards for my string art.

Get to know Lawrence Ross

  • Where are you from?

    New York, New York

  • When did you start crafting?

    I started crafting as a young child in school. However, I discovered stained glass mosaics in my early 20's which lead me to string art. I began crafting string art projects in my mid 20's.

  • What types of crafts do you create?

    I focus on string art. But I also work with stained glass mosaics, punch needle, beading bracelets, and painting.

  • Do you sell your crafts?

    I sell my string art kits on my business's website String of the Art, Etsy, Amazon, Zulily, Rue La La, and other places!

  • Where do you shop for your crafting supplies?

    When shopping for craft supplies in person I enjoy getting going to Michael's and Joann's. DMC Embroidery Floss is the thread that is used for my string art kits and creations. For beading supplies I shop online at Beadaholic.com and Caravanbeads.com.

  • Tell us about your favorite crafted project!

    My favorite string art piece is the Eagle that placed second place in an Americana Art Competition! It took me 7 days to make, from prepping the wood to hammering in the nails, and stringing it all up.

  • Where have you been featured?

    String of the Art has been featured in Country Living Magazine, BuzzFeed, Etsy's Editorial List, Redfin, and I was a featured artist with DMC Embroidery Floss. I currently have kits being sold in Starbuck Roastery Reserve.