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How to Grout Your Stained Glass Mosaic

Grouting your stained glass mosaic is easy and quick. So, let’s get started!


  • Sanded Grout
  • Bucket
  • Sponge
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Paint Mixing Stick
  • N-95 Mask or something similar
  • Old T-Shirt, Rag, or Paper Towel
  • Running Water


We highly recommend always grouting your stained glass mosaics outside! It will keep the clean up easy and the dust contaminants are safer outside compared to indoors.

Wait 24 hours from gluing your final piece of stained glass before grouting your mosaic.

Mix the Grout

Put on your N-95 mask. You don’t want the dust contaminants getting in your lunges.

Pour about two to five cups of dry grout into your bucket. Take into consideration the size of your project. The larger your project, the more grout you will need to make. If you did not make enough grout you can always mix more.

Pour water into the bucket of dry grout. Mix combination with a paint mixing stick until you get an even consistency.

Grout the Mosaic

Pick up a handful of wet grout and cover your stained glass mosaic with it. Make sure the grout is settling into the gaps.

Smear the grout around until the entire piece is covered and all the gaps are filled.

Run your finger along the the gaps and cracks to push the grout down into them.

Wipe Grout Off

Clean the grout off your stained glass mosaic by wiping a wet sponge across the piece, removing excess grout.

Wipe straight across, in one direction. As the excess grout is wiped away, your masterpiece is coming to life!

Brighten Your Mosaic

After wiping the thick layer of extra grout off your mosaic, the sponge will have left a thin layer of haze.

Vinegar is the secret trick here! Dip your paper towel or an unused dry rag in vinegar. Rub the vinegar on the glass and watch the haze disappear.

Your mosaic will now sparkle!

All Done!

Let the grout dry for half a day and you’re finished.

Hang up that masterpiece you created and show it off to everyone!

Disposal of Grout Waste

Grout is concrete. Never pour the wet grout down your drain. It will give you major plumbing issues.

Pour your extra wet grout on a piece of cardboard. Let the grout dry out on the cardboard. Then throw the grout and cardboard out as solid waste.

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