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How To Cut Stained Glass

In this blog post I’ll be teaching you how to cut a specific shaped from stained glass. When complete, you will be able to cut, shape, and fit any piece of stained glass into the desired space of your stained glass mosaic project.


The supplies you will need are:

  • Stained Glass
  • Breaking Pliers and a Glass Cutter
    • You can purchase all these tools from Amazon here.
  • Glue
    • I recommend Weldbond. My local craft store didn’t have it, so I purchased another brand.
  • Tracing Paper

Getting Started!

Locate on your project which space you would like to fill. Grab a piece of glass that is larger than the empty space. You will be using this glass to cut your desired shape.

Trace Your Shape

Lay your tracing paper over the empty space.

With a pen or pencil, trace the shape onto the tracing paper.

Then cut out the shape and lay it inside the empty space to make sure it fits how you want.

Score and Snap

Grab your glass cutter and breaking pliers.

Hold the glass cutter like a pencil. The tip of the cutter will have a small wheel. Run that wheel across the glass, in a straight line, following the edge of the traced cut-out.

Break off your piece of glass with the breaking pliers. There’s a line in the middle of the pliers. Position the line on the pliers with the score you just made. Clamp down with the pliers until your glass snaps in two. You just broke off a piece of stained glass!

Keep scoring and snapping the glass until your cut-out and stained glass are the same shape.

Fit and Glue the Glass

Place your newly cut stained glass piece into the empty space. If it fits then all you need to do is glue it in.


You did it! A custom piece of stained glass now fits perfectly inside your project. Congrats! Keep on scoring and snapping.

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